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Bee Sure

Every 3rd sector organisation needs advice and support which is relevant to the sector and delivers real value for money.

We have carried out due diligence on a wide range of Organisations to select Partners who have the capability to deliver and who share our ethos.

You can be sure that your specific needs will be met in a pragmatic and cost-effective way.

Bee Compliant

Compliance has become fundamental for organisations across the Public, Private and Voluntary sectors.

3rd Sector organisations support some of our most vulnerable people in society and this places an additional compliance requirement.

We can provide tools, products and services to protect your organisation and enable you to demonstrate that you have done everything possible to meet your compliance obligations.

Bee Efficient

Are you paying too much for outsourced services?

Or are you managing functions internally tying up valuable staff time which could be more profitably employed elsewhere?

The CharityBee can help you achieve the right balance between outsourcing and internal activities to bring you maximum efficiency at the best price.

How the CharityBee can help you, your charity, and your clients?

For Charities who are looking to deliver more for less, demonstrate compliance and to save money, CharityBee has designed a unique portal for the bespoke advice and business support you need.

By joining CharityBee you will get access to our extensive list of providers, including discounted rates for products and services.

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